TrueWiring Assessments Built-in Rock RMS

Build health and greater impact in your church through our unique psychometrically sound assessments available FREE in Rock RMS.

We know that leading is tough work and finding how leaders in your church are wired will help you build health and impact your organization. We’ve helped thousands of leaders find their A-game and we have partnered with Rock RMS to help you by putting our assessments in your church management system.

What's included in TrueWiring?

TrueWiring Assessments to help leaders discover their behavioral needs (DISC), what motivates them (Motivators), how they approach conflict (Conflict Profile), their emotional intelligence (EQ), and their spiritual gifts (Spiritual Gifts)

Each person will receive individual reports, an online dashboard, and recommended resources.

Taking the TrueWiring suite of instruments can be interesting and fun, but the real impact comes through understanding the results and applying them to your life. This will help you understand both yourself and others better, which will empower you to live in greater health within your A-game.