Learn how to best use the TrueWiring instruments for greater health and impact in your church

Getting trained as a Certified TrueWiring Assessor will help your church leadership grow in health and impact by understanding their own wiring and gaining tools to help others discover the same.

As a church leader that utilizes RockRMS, you understand the value of high-quality tools that support the health and impact of your leaders and congregations. We know you want to best help those you lead with and serve. That’s why we’ve created assessments that have benefited thousands of leaders and provided deep insights for pastors, coaches, and consultants. Through years of experience and education, our founder, Greg Wiens, has developed a thorough understanding of both the science and the art of assessing people. He and others have trained many leaders in becoming highly qualified assessors.

Here's how to get started:

1. First, register for the first three online courses: Introduction to TrueWiring, Introduction to the Art of Assessing People, and Spiritual Gifts with TrueWiring.  

2. Then you can register for our 2-day in-person training on the Art of Assessing People, which is a deeper dive into how to provide high-quality assessment debriefs. Once you’re certified you will receive a special discounted rate to provide your leaders with the suite of instruments. You will also have access to ongoing continuing education resources from TrueWiring and Healthy Growing Leaders.

Next training is October 11-12, 2021 in Orlando, FL. Email us if you are interested.

Available Online Courses